Introduction to ICT Skills Mapping

This half-day course is an introduction to ICT Skills Mapping focused on organisational design, role profiling, integrating skills and competencies, managing gaps and much more.

The workshop will bring attendees to a common level of knowledge in the use of skills frameworks such as SFIA, the Skills Framework for the Information Age and then show the value of using a framework such as SFIA to construct job descriptions and role profiles to allow more focused and effecitve resource allocation and development of career pathways.

ProActive Services are pleased to be conduting this workshop in partnership with IITP

Futher registration information can be obtained by using the link below or altenatively calling 0800 252 255

IITP Workshop: Introduction to ICT Skills Mapping 

The workshop will consist of a mixture of presentations, discussions and practical exercises based on real-world examples.

The workshop covers an introduction to the following:

  • Essential elements of role profiles
  • How to integrate skills and capabilities
  • Felxible use of resources
  • Building motivation and engagement
  • Managing gaps and refining recruitment practices
  • SFIA, the Skills Framework for the Information Age
  • Constructing job descriptions and role profiles
  • Focused and effective resource allocation and development of career pathways

No pre-requisite required

At the end of the course attendees will understand the concepts of:

  • Identifying the organisation structures and roles of the ICT team
  • Understanding defining ICT job profiles and mapping the skills and competencies to the roles
  • Evaluating your current staff against the requirements to identify the gaps
  • Designing deveopment and training plan to close the gaps
  • Creating more effective job advertisements for better targeted recruitment


  • Those with existing or prospective responsibility for the development of ICT staff
  • All levels of management, and HR practitioners who are responsible for development of performance and capability within their organisation
  • Those interested in maximinsing the effective assignment of their people to roles and projects

There are currently no schedules available for this course